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Meet Star, a slim thin sex doll, the one you see in the sky when the sun hides behind the west coast sky. She is the marvelous model whom everyone dreams of getting into touch. You are a person who wants to get star-struck; our fabulous Star is the right and perfect one for you. A star transmits light of her own; you can be the moon to this Star. She will enlighten you and pull you out of the darkness. 


With her 165 cm tall, slim physique, this dark-haired sex doll will cut deep into your heart. With her steel-strong skeleton, the artificial sex doll is able to stand, sit, lie, and pose any position your heart demands. She will undoubtedly satisfy all your unmet wishes. Her enchanting eyes will seduce you beyond your comprehension. Let then silicon sex doll open the convivial, tender lips and give you and warm, cordial graze. She is a gentle and lenient lady who is seeking genuine companionship with a kind and considerate heart.


Star is a gorgeous, seductive, and sporty love-making doll. And you are given the authority to picture the Star as your mind pleases. Yes, you can have your own Star. This custom-made sex doll is at your service to be bespoke and subjected to alteration and modification to shape the figure the way you prefer. Just let us know the imagination of yours in detail: head/face, body type, nail & eye color, skin tone, hair, and so on; we have your Star delivered. Order now, or contact us for more details.


Beware! Your planet is about to revolve around this Star.


$2,900.00 Regular Price
$2,320.00Sale Price
    • Slim Thin Sex Doll

    • 165 cm supermodel

    • Life-like appearance

    • TPE soft skin, smooth touch

    • Tough and flexible skeleton

    • Naughty and sporty

    • Animate head, shoulder, arms, hips, legs, and hands

    • Will live for a lifetime 

    • Doesn’t get tired

    • Fully customizable on demand

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