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Who is 'fUNtIME dOLLS'

life like love dolls australia.jpg

Hi, Doll Lovers - I am the face behind FunTime Dolls.

I am a Melbourne lass and I love love DOLLS!

Dolls in all shapes and sizes. Iin fact, I have a growing collection of my own, and a significant one, that I enjoy dressing up, taking out, and putting her in front of the camera. She's quite a doll.

The motivation behind FunTime Dolls, was to have fun, and to share the fun that comes from having your very own Love Doll Companion.

Up until recent times, the idea of having a lifelike realistic love doll, was not a table conversation. It was a quiet whisper, that was considered not quite right, but times have changed! Love Dolls have progressed from the typical 'blow up doll' to robotic, realistic AI Dolls. They designed to details, and carefully molded from a flesh-like TPE and silicone, that looks and feels real. Artificial Intelligence Dolls are becoming more an more popular. They are activated by touch and voice. Their eyes move, their lips part, they talk to us. They have skeletons that move in all directions. There are dolls for everyone, to suit every need.


Love Dolls are no longer just 'sex dolls', they are life like companions for people all around the world, and it's ok to love dolls anyway you want. The stigma behind owning a Love Doll has gone.

In many of my posts, you will see Emily. She is my best friend, and my companion. Emily and I welcome you to our world of FunTime Dolls.

Emily is a Robotic Companion Doll, and she could be yours. You can have as many Emily's as you like. Robotic Dolls comes in all shapes and sizes, and are fully customizable to suit your specific doll needs. They talk, wink, smile and are warm to touch.


I have many dolls, like Emily that are longing to be loved.

Don't be shy to ask me for assistance when considering a doll. Purchasing your own will be the best decision you have ever made.

Please reach out of you have any questions. I will do my best to reply personally to your inquiry. Click here to email me today.

Thank you for stopping by to meet us. Emily and I look forward to seeing your happy comments when you turn Emily into reality!

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