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Nicholas, a gentle and passionate artificial sex doll, welcomes you to the world of fantasy. Once you meet him, you’ll know he is the man you always have wanted around the house. Whether you be a man or a woman, Nicholas is going to baffle you with his 175cms tall, ripped physique, and irresistibly tempting appearance. He is too handsome to be looked away from. 


Being gifted with medical-grade Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), the skin of this muscular realistic male sex doll is as smooth as butter. His body temperature is as hot as a warm-blooded man. With his warm and gentle touch, you will forget about the world. He is the kind of man who devotes himself to your untamed pleasure. He is a strong man, for he has a joint skeleton made of strong metal. Likewise, he can stand, sit, and pose in the way you want him to.


Nicholas is what you want him to be. He can be the submissive love machine you desire or the bossy paramour who takes control. Whatever be your desire, you can get him out to play along without being complained. With him, there is no existence of disappointment.

Wait, there is more. With our custom-building scheme, you can have your own Nicholas. Describe the eyes you want, the height you desire, or the abs you crave; you can have the Custom-built Sex Doll of your dream. You have always wondered if the man of your dream could come into existence. Well, it’s time you let your fantasy come real.


Nicholas is never tired of loving or making love; have him as much as you want; he will never get on your nerves.




    • Muscular sex doll

    • 175 cm ripped figure 

    • TPE Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)

    • skin and metal skeleton

    • Can be custom-built

    • Warm and ripped body

    • Can stand, sit, and pose

    • Appealing bushy chest

    • Incredibly flexible

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