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Supermodel Miranda is a loving, caring, and passionate busty curvy sex doll. She is a photographer and a model by profession who has created a fan base all around the world. She allures people with her perfect body and makes them fall in love with her. You will want to woo her for her irresistible attraction. She is lean, elegant, and perfectly poised with long dark hair and hypnotic Eurasian facial features. She has a perfectly sculptured jaw bone with soft, red parting lips for your pleasure. 


Miranda is one of the most appealing, tall artificial sex dolls with natural human features. Her perfectly proportioned beautiful body with gigantic bust is ideal to be taken advantage of by man or woman. Her skin is a fine-tuned fermentation of 100% medical-grade TPE. Likewise, her skin is soft, warm, and smooth. She has been equipped with stainless steel metal skeleton built inside to make her safe, strong, and extremely durable. This sex doll is very soft and realistic with desirable womanly curves. 


Miranda is an artificial silicone love doll, whose qualities have made her second to none. With her seductive talents, she will hypnotize you beyond your consciousness. No matter how your dream girl looks like; Miranda will for sure replace her and become your ultimate fascination. All you’ll you that you’ve wanted this kind of girl all along.


She is currently in Australia and ready for delivery. She will be delivered to you exactly like her pictures show. You won’t be disappointed.


She is gentle but tough; you won't just like her, you'll love her.


    • Slim Curvy Sex Doll

    • 168 cm tall

    • Enormous bust, slim waist

    • Built-in USB warmer 

    • Life-like appearance

    • Medical-grade TPE 

    • Soft skin, smooth touch

    • Tough and flexible skeleton

    • Naughty and sporty

    • Animate head, shoulder, arms, hips, legs, and hands

    • Will live for a lifetime 

    • Not subject to exhaustion

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