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Meet Miki, a real damsel in distress ultra-realistic love doll, who is getting devoured by her ingenious beauty. She is in dire need of a worthy redeemer, who can save her from this beauty curse by drinking from her Amrita Ambrosia. If you think you are the genuine companion worthy of being the king of her unconquerable empire, go ahead, try and win her. 


She is endowed with a flabbergasting height of 159 cm and has velvet-soft, butter-smooth pale skin with dark features. She is this cute, little, gentle thing that will gulp your heart right away. Likewise, being an artificial life-like sex doll, she endeavors with high-grade premium medical silicone called Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), a non-toxic, extraordinarily durable, and eco-friendly material. Her body stays at a natural human-body temperature, providing you with a cuddling warm touch with a genuine experience. The EVO skeleton of this Sex Doll allows her to be a strong, enduring, and self-reliant lady, who can stand, sit, lie, and form any position of her desire seamlessly. Delivering affection without being exhausted is her middle name.


This gentle, submissive custom-made sex doll is available to be customized as per your taste and preferences. She can be altered, modified, and given shape the way you imagine her to be. Let us know how you want her to be and get the dream girl delivered to you. Contact us for more details.


Only a kind, considerate, and pure of heart can win her and own the unrestrained splendor to one’s end.

Miki Smile

    • 159 cm tall Asian model

    • Damsel in distress

    • EVO Steel Skeleton 

    • Ultra-realistic Gel Breasts

    • TPE skin, smooth sensation

    • Ultra Realistic Sex Doll

    • Tough and flexible features

    • Movable joints 

    • Slim fit figure

    • Easy clean, easy store

    • Forever young

    • A wild ride, joyride, and adventure

    • Animate head, shoulder, hands, and legs

    • Fully Customizable savior

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