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Meet Kimberley, a busty curvy sex doll. She is a 170 cm tall lady with curves, long auburn hair, an enormous bust, and alluring bottom. Her hypnotic blue eyes and pretty face detonate people's hearts. Her genuine and tempting life-like dream figure baffles anybody who witnesses her. Kimberley is one of the most attractive models to belong here. She loves adult photography. Her photogenic appearance, along with her talent at artistic photography, will bewilder you on the first impression. With her irresistible qualities, she will be your personal favorite in no time. 


Kimberley, a high-quality artificial sex doll, is a classy power woman with an amazing figure. With her extremely soft skin, she offers a completely natural feeling of warm touch. Her flawless face, bust, torso, and bottom are breathtaking. Her personality is enormously vibrant. This silicone love doll has a high-tech steel skeleton and seamless metal joints that allow her to extinguish the flame of your wild erotic fantasies. She can pull off any pose and position to quench your thirst. You can let your imagination go wild when you are with Kimberley. She will love you, caress you, and make your heart content. 


She is available in Australia for a LIMITED TIME! She is a busy damsel with seekers lined up behind her. Taking too much time to decide may let her slip off your hand. Don’t lose the chance while you have it. Order now, or contact us for more details.


Kimberley will stand all the thrusts to content your thirst.


$2,999.00 Regular Price
$2,699.00Sale Price
    • Busty Curvy Sex Doll

    • 170 cm tall figure

    • Enormous bust, slim waist

    • Captivating bottom

    • Life-like appearance

    • TPE soft skin, smooth touch

    • Tough and flexible skeleton

    • Naughty and sporty

    • Animate head, shoulder, arms, hips, legs, and hands

    • Will live for a lifetime 

    • Not subject to exhaustion

    • Fully customizable on demand 

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