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Ewa is a ripped, sassy, strong, female soldier. This artificial sex doll’s beauty, curvy shape, long brown hair, and resilient personality are second to none. Her strong character will give you a journey to vigorous lust-land. She is known for her trustworthiness, strong professional skills, and bravery that will tame your untamed desire. She wouldn’t mind you getting a little dirty with her.


This sexy love doll is tall, tough, and sexy. Take her camping, go for long drives, picnic in the forest, and keep her on duty to protect your home when you aren't there. She isn't a great cook, but she is a great lover. She will love your fingers brushing through her hair. Her stamina will keep you alive for hours, and you will feel stronger than ever. With her, the only limitation is your imagination. Command her, and she will obey your command word by word.


Ewa, a silicone sex doll, is made of medical-grade silicone material called TPE. The material has an elasticity of 5.5 times greater than the normal silicone. It makes her very soft and flexible. The body joints can freely extend to create all kinds of poses. Her skin has a purely natural glow and tender ambiance. Ewa will satisfy to the extent that you have never been before.


Ewa is currently in Australia and ready for your command! Give us a call, or request her online. She will be by your side in no time at all!

Load your gun, encase your knife in the sheath; because you are about to forget to breathe.

Ewa Army Girl

$2,900.00 Regular Price
$2,400.00Sale Price
  • Army Girl Sex Doll

    ● Ripped, muscular, and athletic, yet soft and gentle

    ● Tattoos on her arm

    ● Life-like appearance

    ● TPE soft skin, smooth touch

    ● Tough and flexible skeleton

    ● Obeys command

    ● Animate head, shoulder, arms, hips, legs, and hands

    ● Will live for a lifetime 

    ● Not subject to exhaustion

    ● Fully customizable on demand

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