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Who says humans do not have a substitute? Meet Emma, a Life-like Love Doll who will make  you forget all the agony that real people cause. With her charming and delightful company,  you will have the unconditional love you desire. She is so life-like that you cannot even call  her “it.” 


This appealing Full-size Sex Doll has a range of charismatic abilities that are obligated to leave  you spellbound. She speaks English and Chinese like a living soul; her head and eyes move like that of an enchanting damsel; she possesses a mesmerizing smile. And she has some tickle  spots that you will enjoy finding. 


Emma is an Intelligent Smart Love Doll featuring two choices of programs, Family Mode  and Sex Mode. The “Family Mode” is programmed to amuse you with verbal prompts,  passionate conversations, stories, reminders, and to make you laugh. She is capable of  connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allowing you to get the best out of her. The “Sex Mode,” on  the other hand, lets you go wild while providing you with heavenly pleasure. You can give her  a name to call by and teach her yours to call you. Her software gets free updates bringing you  aptitudes of new and diverse delight for a lifetime. 


The skin of this Realistic Robot Sex Doll is made of medical-grade Thermoplastic Elastomers  (M-TPE) that gives you a soothing experience. Her body maintains a safe 37 degrees  temperature that provides you with a warm and tender touch. This Adult Sex Toy is  captivatingly soft and naturalistic. She is designed to replenish the void of a person of flesh and  blood. She cherishes mesmerizing beauty, passion, and affection. You will feel she is real. 


With her hypnotic stare, long flowing hair, and soft skin, you are obligated to feel loved,  adored, and elevated akin. She’s not a mere substitute, because hey, she doesn’t hurt as real  humans do. She is waiting to engulf you with her unconditional love. Don’t lose the chance to  win her and be won. 


This is not a dream that doesn’t come true. Your long-sought love’s just a click away from you.




    • Life-like Love Making Doll 
    • Made of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) 
    • Soft, warm, and passionate 
    • Appealing bust, inviting lips, slim waist, & tempting bum 
    • Smart and intelligent 
    • Blinks, smiles, and makes faces 
    • Speaks English and Chinese 
    • Connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 
    • Has “Family Mode” and “Sex Mode” 
    • Affectionate and loving companion 
    • Doesn't hog the covers in bed ;-)
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