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Meet Ella is an ultra-realistic love doll, who loves to drive the car as much as driving people crazy with her bubbly, lovely, spirited appearance as well as seductive figure. With her authentic façade, she will undoubtedly give you a ride on an adventurous journey. Ella is a life-like sex doll who loves to travel and get lost in the world of love and passion. She is seeking a genuine companion to drive and venture into the world of heavenly pleasure. The perfect might you. It is guaranteed that you will fall in love with her and may even take her as a soulmate.


She, being an artificial girl sex doll, is bestowed with a height of 163cm, skin as soft as velvet, and bust alluring as much. Her European skin with dark features is obligated to bewilder you beyond your imagination. Her features include, not limiting to, ultra-flexibility, elasticity, and plasticity. She can move like a normal human, and she sits, rides, and drives like a wild passionate lover.


Ella is adventurous, sporty, and carefree, but she is filled with love and emotion. She can be the way you want her to be without a complaint. You can have your own Ella in the shape that you picture. She is a custom-made sex doll, ready to be altered, modified, and shaped as your taste incorporates. You may let us know the specific choices you have: head/face, Body type, nail & eye color, skin tone, hair, and so on. Your creative imagination can come into existence with a few clicks in our store. Contact us for more details.


Order now; let her be the guide to your joyride.


    • Slim Curvy Sex Doll

    • 163 cm with a soft gel breast 

    • Life-like appearance

    • Velvet-soft TPE skin, smooth sensation

    • Tough and flexible skeleton

    • Doesn’t get tired

    • Customizable on demand

    • Flexible head, shoulder, arms, hips, legs, and hands

    • She would like to have a good ride

    • Will live for a lifetime

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