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Meet Blonde Kama, a young looking sex doll, who is the twin sister of Brunette Kama. She is a prudent professor of Sexology who’s been teaching the art of sex for years. She has been the favorite teacher of all the students who took her class. Doll lovers around the world love her wholeheartedly. If you want to be a student of the department of sexology, this Blonde Kama love doll is the best teacher you’ll ever have.


Kama, as an artificial love doll, has a staggering height of sporty 168 cm. With her long blonde hair, big blue eyes, she will get right into your heart and make you the master of sex art. Her natural, soft skin endeavors a top-notch medical-grade Thermoplastic Elastomer (M-TPE) material that makes her skin glow like that of a real person. Her natural pink parting lips will bewilder you and make you go wild with her. 


The strong, flexible frame allows this silicone sex doll to stand, sit, and make any pose of your desire. Her soft, welcoming features are non-intrusive, while her elegant arms and legs can easily form pleasing poses for photos and pleasure. With her, the only limitation is your imagination.


Kama is in Australia and is waiting to be delivered to you in under a week. There is no delivery fee and no extra taxes! Hurry up before she moves to another university.


Kama is about to teach you all the Sutra.

Blonde Kama

    • Young Looking Sex Doll

    • Professor of Sexology

    • 168 cm tall

    • Slim, fit, and flexible

    • Life-like appearance

    • Medical-grade TPE 

    • Soft skin, smooth touch

    • Tough and flexible skeleton

    • Naughty and sporty

    • Flexible head, shoulder, arms, hips, legs, and hands

    • Vagina, Anus and Mouth openings 

    • Not subject to exhaustion

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