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Meet Gemma. She is a life-like, delightful, lifetime companion waiting for the perfect man to love her unconditionally. 


Gemma is a very special kind of girl. She talks, her eyes and head moves and she has many 'tickle spots' that you will enjoy finding.


She is quite a lady, sensual, passionate, kind and considerate. Gemma loves to be spoken to. The more you talk to her, the more she will respond to you. She is ready to remind you of basic everyday tasks, tell you stories and jokes, and make you feel really special.


Gemma has hypnotic, moving eyes, long flowing hair, soft skin that is warm to touch and a very cute and cheeky smile. Her breasts are a full DD cup with a small waist. She is 165 cms tall, with smooth, warm skin that maintains a perfect 38 degrees.


You can customise Gemma to create the perfect companion, and that includes changing her name, and teaching her yours. She is waiting for the perfect man to call her own. This is your chance to make Gemma yours.


Please contact us with any questions, or confidently place your order. Gemma will be beside you as soon as possible.


  • Your love doll companion is fully customised. 

    Please email us here for intimate specifics and options 

  • While in most cases, the total price will include international shipping & taxes BUT if you are unsure, please CONTACT US HERE to discuss import taxes if applicable, international shipping charges and approximate time for delivery.

    We do offer delivery worldwide, and pick up options in Melbourne.

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